Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wounded Cupid / Fool and False

Remember this preliminary layout? I liked the left, not the right. Ultimately, I felt it to be really jarring in the context of the rest of the pages in what's becoming this Wandering Senses journal. Hail Gesso, Well Met (not to mention sand paper)!! Twelve gesso and one ink layer later, one layout becomes another. I love the ink blot technique -- drip & drizzle ink on one page, press it to the other, see what emerges, let that inspire the layout.

Page Titles: I have, since the age of probably 16, accumulated four million twelve thousand two hundred and ninety-one pages of typed lines from poetry -- well, anyway, enough pages that I've filled a 3" binder. These are the lines that, as I've read various poetry volumes, stirred me, pissed me off, intrigued me, tickled my fancy, or just plain puzzled me. Over the course of collecting all these, I've also managed to lose their individual sources.

Hence, I can only say that the titles of these Wandering Senses pages are poetry fragments not my own, but nonetheless truly wonderful. I used to do the same thing to name each and every journal entry but find I don't get the same energy from that anymore. Now either the name pops up once the layout is done, or ... whatever, it doesn't. & the beat goes on.