Thursday, January 1, 2009

Drum Roll, Please - New Journal Debut

Meet the Big A** Journal. 11 x 14, both beckoning and scaring the mojo outta me. But I shall prevail -- see below! Isn't starting a new journal just INCREDIBLE?!!! This is part of the front cover. It's so flimsy that I added some visuals to the outside front, then slathered laminate sheets over it. I'm not at all liking the quality of the paper -- it doesn't hold up to anything wet or even wet-ish, paint, Mod Podge. I'm foreseeing much more use of stamped images and crayons and dry color washes. Not sure, either, I'll be able to do all the kind of add-ins I've done. s'a'right, maybe I'll learn some new tricks with this. The 'inaugural' entry. I jumped directly into this journal, none of my usual journal traditions -- no waiting on a quote, a self-portrait, no introductory (written) page. I want EVERYTHING about my approach to this journal to be fresh. I can't tell you how difficult it is, and how wonderful. I might have believed I had 'no rules', but as I'm working, I can feel myself having to hurdle them anyway. Example: I have always finished a side, rather than start in the middle on a new day. This journal is just too large, which means there may be 2 or more days on each side. It already has produced a word in me for that process: A Sequence Journal. Meaning one entry feeds of the prior one, especially visually, which really enhances the immediacy and continuity.
Bottom segment of the first page. On one of my on-line creative groups, a discussion commenced when someone sent a link to a site that proposed choosing a WORD at New Year's, as the 'theme' to your new year, in lieu of a list of resolution(s). My whole self LEAPT at the idea, and it turned up here.
A technique I see frequently, everywhere -- a figure sketched on a page of text. I like it, so I tried it. The text to the side of this says ART IS THE BEST THERAPY I EVER HAD. (text behind the figure I drew is from the yellow pages, psychoanalysts.) This entire page began with my blotting each of my ColorBox Pigment Ink Pads on it, to inventory what I have and to have a stronger visual of the gradations between the colors. I've seen that technique used on other journal pages, with paint colors, pastel chalks, pens, and always thought it looked cool. Then, my mermaid discussion of the previous page (partially scanned) inspired me to stamp some of my mermaid maidens on tissue paper and adhere them. I got too tired to journal, but I kind of like the idea that I have a background READY for this morning.

Meanwhile, go visit Patricia, at From the Inside Out, HERE for one of the loveliest mandelas I've seen all year, and a refreshing, invigorating message to start your day and year.


Carla said...

Holy Smokes!! This is SO cool!! I can't wait to see it develop! Love your figure on the text page-amazing!

Veronica said...

I love the text page...woo hoo