Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"D" Update

YES! YES! YES! "D" has been moved OUT of ICU, upstairs to a regular room. Talk about the emotional and spiritual boost needed by a 19-year old! The patch and 2 tubes/drains are also working wonders with the infection; everything is 'running clear' now, so no surgery is seemingly required. "D", by the way, took ALL his cards with him -- in ICU he wasn't allowed to have them up/displayed, so they were in a bundle, bedside ... now he's got them spread out on his little table. If ever you might wonder if your art really does anyone any good, I'm here to give a witness and about 40,000 hallelujahs and amens --- YES IT DOES!!!

Now the really good news (shhhhhh) ... "D" might be allowed to go home this weekend.

Wouldn't that be something?


Veronica said...

seriously???? yes yes yes

Wabbit said...