Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Boy is Back in Town!

My youngest male child arrived home today, after an evidently miserable 5 days in Hobbs, New Mexico. My bro', Chris, called it 'an armpit' -- not having been, I can't say. But Kevin said, "It was terrible, Mom! There was nothing to do but go back to the hotel and watch TV." And the coaches preferred McDonalds for the team's noshing activities, for cryin' out loud! Well, at least Kevin got to go with me up to my Dad's today, and partake of homemade chili with every possible fixin, along with a smorgasbord of side dishes and desserts! He demonstrated his eating prowess then promptly fell asleep in the recliner. The return trip ended up taking 3 hours longer than the expected 9, as the team bus broke down along the way. Poor kids! Of course, the worst part was that my youngest male child's team lost all three of the games they played. The one pictured was a complete humiliation -- they lost by more than 30 points. But Kevin himself played well -- of the 45 team points in this game, 11 were his, along with several assists and rebounds. He (#25, blue jersey) HATES this photo because the opponent is about to drop a bucket over Kevin's head. As for me, I'm blown away (as always) by the athleticism and grace evidenced in his leap/block attempt.

Call it the Mom perspective, but hey! THAT'S MY BOY!!!

[photo credit: Kimberly Ryan/Hobbs News-Sun; article by Jon Roetman]


Carla said...

I'm impressed, too! We Moms and our sons frequently have different perspectives! That's okay!!

Kimberly Ryan said...

I'm the photographer who took your sons photo. I thought that he played well. We were empressed with all the teams that participated. Yes, it is boring in Hobbs for the young. That why out youth play so many sports.