Saturday, January 17, 2009

Introducing: The Wandering Senses Journal (AKA: Lime Journal from Julie P.)

My lime Julie journal has become my inward map journal, themed/named Wandering Senses. Thursday night I did these layouts in probably less than an hour -- once I'd made my decision on the theme, the backgrounds and everything else POURED out of me. A.S. I Am. A for Antonia, my real name. S for Sirena, my private name for myself, for various reasons. Stencils, stamps, paint. The introductory page. Secret Purpose. My favorite bird image, transferred onto a portion of my desk blotter using a Chartpak Blending Pen and a copy of the image. I just read about this technique in Somerset Studio, and FINALLY!! A TRANSFER TECHNIQUE THAT REALLY WORKS!!!! I did the same thing with the engineering stamp across the bottom of the page. Drizzled India Ink. Sheer loveliness. Toni CAN work in/on tiny -- who knew? The size of the pages is forcing me to edit in new ways -- a little goes a LONG way on these pages. The Great Summons. Mermaids, a running horse, palm fronds, all images from my personal symbology. Fabulous page, this! This began when I dripped my Bombay teal ink on the left, then blotted it with the right side, giving rise to this butterfly. The rest flowed out. Butterflies (mariposas) are a personal symbol, and also something My Beloved Aunt Judy adores -- anyway very close to my heart. Flowus Interruptus here -- never make art on a Friday night, Toni! At any rate: I have a line from a magazine that sparked this page: REAPING THE RAINS. But it morphed into something else. I like the left side, not the right, and I stopped working on it because the page and I found ourselves at fierce and frustrated checkmate at 9 p.m. last night. I'm going to move on in the journal, leave this alone, and come back to it at some point.


LostLuggage said...

WOW!! Serious....the little format suits you! Love that india ink...and what issue was the Chartpak pen tutorial in? How did I miss that?

Veronica said...

boy you have really put thought into all of this of course I knew you would. I really love all of this. Did you get your inchy stamps yet? Can't wait to see those too.