Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday's Backgrounds

Green Java. This paper was in the latest of one of my magazines -- loved it! I ripped it to create pockets for tags to go behind ... but this represents the entry point for me -- the journaling that creates an art idea, sit, sip my coffee, write to myself, empty myself, whatever I have to say -- then next comes something wonderful (see next part of this spread -- I'm SO HAPPY with it).
Door Step. When I open up the glittery green rose strip, these altered magazine images are beneath. Paper strips. Acrylic and glass paint. Door step (the little child, oh so so precious this kid!), and above, the woman who has stepped through the threshold (see how her back is colored lavender, just like the shadow of the doorway below, beckoning? This is symbolic of the internal journey I feel like I move on every time I make a background. Repose. God, the softness this part of the layout captures for me. Yes. The ribbon, the colors, the magazine image so feminine and also private-feeling. Freed. Paper from my stash, tag from The Tuscan Rose, magazine image, button, Prima flowers, brads.


candy said...

All of these are just fabulous! Lookin good!