Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pageus Morpheus, and Bonehead

This page has seen some recent upgrades from its original form (which I hadn't posted earlier anyway) -- I added my own picture, and drew then painted in the scent-wafting vase and the colors. I like it better now, much better! Bonehead 1. ... it was one of those days. A page of color to attempt resuscitation of the spirit. More color than room to write. Tonia, Luv: NEVER make written journal backgrounds when disgruntled AND tired. Just take your grumpy heinie to bed, 'k? Bonehead 2. Just more scraps, and acrylic paint. Lovely floral wallpaper strip up the center from Patty at The Tuscan Rose. As for where I'm actually going to write, I did actually think of that as I worked my way to the bottom, so many (most) of the flaps there lift or fold back for more journaling.


candy said...

I love the bonehead collage!

and... tag you're it...
NO pressure if you don't want to play. But last one in is a rotten egg. Just go by my blog and see.