Monday, January 26, 2009

The Red Lovely

The Red Lovely -- a journal I commissioned from Ms. Julie Prichard. My incredible Wandering Senses journal (the lime one) also came from Julie. I had two ideas when I received that journal; the Red Lovely will accommodate the idea that did NOT go into the lime journal. All I told Julie was that I wanted something really RICH and red in color, with a tapestry feeling, kind of ... Prague-esque, maybe? And larger (this one is 6x8). Julie did the rest - remarkable! It's my hope to have enough self-restraint to finish the Wandering Senses journal BEFORE I embark on this one -- ha! We shall see.

Teaser: This Red Lovely's title will be: "LADIES OF THE HOUSE (This is a True Story)."

Julie, you are a journalist's beacon in the frustrating search for the perfect journal, Woman! Thanks SO MUCH!