Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update on "D"

There had been talk, Monday and Tuesday this past week, that "D" would be allowed to go home Friday, with only one drain from his second 'open' surgery. I thought (admittedly horrified), "My GOD that is soon!" But "D's" father reminded me it has already been a month since the shooting.

I talked to "D's" dad yesterday, though, and learned "D" has an infection, now, in the incision from his first 'open' surgery, so he wasn't released. Instead he was scheduled for a CAT scan to try to learn if the infection has spread, to where, to what extent.

Prayers still needed and most most welcome!


Veronica said...

Have you received any cards for D yet?

Carla said...

I'll pray. Send me an address, and I'll send a card, too. I hope D gets better soon.