Sunday, January 11, 2009

Frida and Parfait

Whilst sitting on my patio roost yesterday afternoon, drooling over beautiful greeting cards in a 2006 issue of Stampers Sampler, I suddenly thought, "Eesh, blimey, shite! Why don't I turn these into journal backgrounds in some way, since I love them so much?! Then I get to KEEP them instead of mailing them off." Oh honey! Then the games began. Paint, sequins, rubber stamps. Also: lace trim, fabric bit, and Plaza de Toros stubs from Mercedes. The stenciled wallpaper piece [also from Mercedes!] under the Plaza de Toros tickets lifts, also, for more journaling. And the tickets themselves are tied onto some new eyelet brads I finally bought to try -- let it be said that I'm in LOVE with those! I stamped the Frida image onto a used sheet of Bounce with Staz-On black ink, just to see what would happen. I like the way it absorbed the Mod Podge in some places more than others, to show the red paint behind it, but also kinda looks peely, like a poster coming off a concrete wall.

This was the last page I made before bed last night -- I ended up dreaming that Pavarotti invited me to have a drink with him at his restaurant, somewhere on the streets of Chicago (?!), and the interior of the restaurant was all in this color palette! ... a drink with Pavarotti, now that would have been something! Alas, in the dream I was wearing white linen pants, and upon entering the restaurant, instantly knocked into a tray and a carafe of burgundy spilled all over them. Classy. Something that would ACTUALLY HAPPEN if I were to ever wear white pants. Just another greeting card idea, expanded to suit the page size. Paper, paint, die cut birds, rubber stamps. The striped arc on the left opens for journaling behind it. Just a start on this page, and it didn't end up mimicking the greeting card inspiration very well at all, so there'll be more attempts to get that right, too.


Anonymous said...

I knwo I said delicious in my last post....but this one is delicious too....those reds!!! LOVE THIS!

Carla said...

These are beautiful! Your story about the white pants in hysterical! I think it's cool that you can remember so much of your dreams!