Monday, January 26, 2009

Tagged by Candy - 6 Things About Myself

Eesh, I'm such a blond -- I knew Friday that Candy had tagged me, then I proceeded to space it all weekend. I always skip the 'tag other people' part as every time that seems to irritate, burden, or otherwise be ignored by the ones I choose. So we'll go directly to the 6 things about myself.

1. My dream from the age of 14 was to be tri-lingual: English, Spanish, and French. I planned to live in a houseboat on the Seine, a la Anais Nin (using French for my daily & social rounds), write critically-acclaimed novels and poetry in English, and share my boat with a Spanish-speaking Flame (who looked suspiciously like Eric Estrada when the dream hatched, but lately always resembles Javier Bardem or Benicio del Toro as the dream continues!).

2. I can't stand for anything to cling to my hands -- like Saran Wrap, or plastic bits from packaging, or string, or hair from the bathtub drain. Get it OFF! I can handle having 24½ layers of paint, paste, goo, cat hair, paper bits and glitter on my hands; that doesn't bug me. But that stuff that won't come off no matter how you shake your hand trying to fling it off? ACK!

3. I could eat nothing but Mexican food 3 times a day, seven days a week, and still ask for it as a last meal.

4. Shakes? Yes. Malts? Oh goodness no! And only in chocolate.

5. If I could launch into a career change, fully prepared already (education, qualifications, blah blah) right now, I would be a) a veterinarian (cats and big dogs and wolves), b) an interpreter (seen the movie with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman?), and c) a curandera, who knows all there is to know about the healing & magical properties of plants and herbs and trees and sticks and dirt and cacti and ... well, you get my drift. Yes, all three things, all at once, it's MY fantasy!

6. I've said this before, in other tags, in other posts and contexts, but: I BELIEVE IN MERMAIDS.


Carla said...

Loved reading about you! I always feel uncomfortable tagging people, too. Sometimes I don't do it, sometimes I do.

Anonymous said...

Fun reading! Check my AB The Mermaid Chronicles at
Love your enthusiasm and your art, Toni.

candy said...

Javier Bardem is such a hunk!

Eternal Free Spirit said...

Yes plants have lots of healing properties and I love learning about them. Also: mermaids are awesome!!!

beth said...

I am part mermaid, you know ? and I love malts more than shakes and ummmm.....buenos dias, como esta ?

{I have no idea if that's even close to meaning anything, but I think it looks good !}