Monday, January 19, 2009

Boogie Woogie Backgrounds

Sand Dollar. I loved this sheet of scrapbooking paper. The scan doesn't show it very well, but the inner 'star' on this shell is highlighted with a pearlized glaze, very sparkly and inviting. Sand Dollar with Face. Yours truly, age 27, photo by my bro' Cam. Wasn't I a dish? (hee hee -- that line straight out of the Titanic movie and I've ALWAYS wanted to use it!!) Acrylic paint and stamped images. Circle in Pinstripes. Not liking the pin stripes but somehow they go with the circle-punched photo of me, age 27, taken by my bro', Cam. I'm sporting a black lacy bustier (god, the 80's) ... cracks me up knowing it even though YOU can't see it! Four Eyes. Pun (intended) on me in the shades. Boy oh boy did I get called 4-eyes a bunch o'times in my life, being as I started wearing spectacles in 4th grade - switched to contacts from age 19 to 44, then they just stopped helping me see. ACK! Eesh. This page is, it must be said, quite a mess. But I still love it -- call ME twisted. All those colors speak to me, all at once. Highwire 1. Magazine and newspaper clippings, a Basic Grey scrap, a piece of my homemade postage. This page layout loosely inspired by Suzan Buckner, pages 52-57, 'Evolution of a Page' in the Art Journaling magazine by Somerset Studio. Ms. Buckner does the page borders this way, albeit with much brighter, more colorful papers. I wanted to try that, and I love it! Orange twirly is a stencil. I'm especially digging the guitar-playing skeleton, I must say, with the carousel hat. Highwire 2. All newspaper and magazines clippings, gesso. A corner piece outta Basic Grey paper. A scrap of spattered blotter paper tucked behind the acrobat for more journaling. Orange stencil.


Suzan Buckner said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout-out!! Your pages look great!!!!!

There is also tutorials on my blog.

Thank you again!!
Suzan Buckner