Saturday, January 17, 2009

Update on "D"

Oh, folks, this boy is having such a time. The infection is back and worse; his main surgeon actually had to consult with HIS boss -- the infection MUST be taken care of, but another surgery will cause more tearing in tissue that is already beyond fragile from all the others, and from the initial injury. For now, "D" is opened up with a big patch and two new drains, having endured a kind of suction surgery to clean the infection. All is being watched CLOSELY as "D" has been back in ICU for over a week, again. His spirits sank to the bottom during the week, but his Dad told me yesterday that "D" has seemed to rally again.

If anyone has been pondering sending a card but not gotten to it yet, please please do! "D"'s dad said these cards have been a real highlight for "D" -- he continues to be astonished at receiving homemade messages from people he's never met. The cards he has received are all taped to the wall over his bed where he can see them. Anyway thank you for considering!


Veronica said...

Okay I just posted a blog post too for D. My card is going out tomorrow for D. Comon folks let's make him 50 cards