Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Slowly Simmers

Sat on my heinie watching the Bourne Identity series of DVDs ... and making journal pages. I don't like the violence in those movies but the exotic locales, the speaking of numerous languages, the espionage and strategizing ... very cool. And those car chase scenes? I wanna I wanna I wanna do that someday! Pink. Paper, paint, image from a collage sheet Miss V sent me, ribbon. Pink House. Old B&W photo, fabric paint, scraps, diecut hearts ... the photo flips up for journaling behind. Striped Columns. Altered magazine image, paper scraps, zebra tape. The ivy strip at the bottom is something I can tuck journaling tags behind. She Watches from Underwater. Paper scraps and zebra tape. I'll tuck a journaling insert behind the mermaid.


Veronica said...

that story you left on my magic fairy wand doll post left me almost in tears. What I would give to have been able to do this with my girls when they were little. But I didn't start doing art until they were grown and had lives of their own. What you did was the best thing you could have done. Give them the materials and let their imagination soar. Then one day they will be able to create these magic wands on their own with their little girls. I love these three journal pages. I only wished I had the talent you have with coveying thoughts on paper with the magic of art behind the words. Love them

Carla said...

These are all amazing! Such incredible eye candy-nothing is ever predictable with you-I could never tire of looking at your pages!