Monday, January 5, 2009

Imagine Escape

This incredibly beautiful window shot is by Ms. Beth at Doors Are Everywhere ... Open Them, and used by permission -- although I suspect if she'd realized the layout would look like THIS, maybe not!!! (grin). Sorry, Beth -- but between painting the page, and laying down the window & dancer images, then coming back to write, there were a few Brown Homestead events which resulted in a considerable change of mood, eh, what! (as in: tutu's and pretty in pink my ASS!) This was almost an entire spread of "I DO NOT HAVE DISH BEYOTCH TATTOOED ON MY FOREHEAD." Ah, family dynamics, don'tcha just love 'em? Ok, by the time I finished the page, my sense of humor had restored itself. Sorta. Almost. At least to the point that the page now makes me chuckle.

Thank goodness I still have several printed copies of this stunning image -- I HEREBY ORDAIN A DO-OVER!!!!


juliet said...

Wow. that is about all i can say. i have just spent many ours looking at your stuff. i am so sorry that circumstances don't allow you to be doing the calendar journal RR this year, but hopefully next year!