Saturday, January 24, 2009

Backgrounds (Oh! Those Fridays!)

Bonehead is back, this time with a veil (of sorts) and a bright flagged and lacy cape. Funny, now the page reall feels finished to me. ? Bermuda. Ink pads pressed to the background, building up a feeling of layers, and the grocery bag piece with the ribbon around it opens for journaling. My rub-ons (the monkey, and below a giraffe that you can't see) are old, so instead of coming off entirely, they broke up. Poor monkey with half a head! Inside is also a thank you card from a friend, with a cool kraft envelope - each of those have inserts also tucked into or behind them for journaling. Friday Mind. In the movie A Beautiful Mind, the professor played by Russell Crowe creates these HUGE boards, or walls, covered with torn newspaper articles, bits, pieces, numbers, maps. That image has stayed in my mind ever since seeing the movie when it was released. I realized that when I get home on Friday nights, that's the state of my own mind. This page reflects that exactly. There are probably 4 layers of ripped up fragments here, going every which way, all of them pasted down on one edge but loose everywhere else. The gate image was a symbolic plea to mySELF to close it down, this chaotic mental mess. There IS plenty of journaling space if I lift or fold back each of these flaps, but the statement is already made, for me, in the construction of the page. That says it ALL. Cherish Me. Best antidote to a Friday mind? Birds. Paint, rub-ons, mask. Paint, rub-ons, mask, circle tags.