Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Backgrounds a Bumpin'

Listening to Kelly Clarkson's My December CD. Sure gets me moving! Love that woman's voice, yowza! Peter Beard takeoff, side 1. What a PAGE!! I've had the envelope for a while; it really fits here. Inside the glassine envelope is an altered polaroid with room to write on the back. And more paper inside the envelope, which folds back to journal beneath. The Peter Beard takeoff paper lifts, too, for more journaling beneath. Ah, those hidden journaling spots - my addiction! Diluted black India ink started the foundation of this page. [Dick Blick carries Bombay ink in the most spectacular bright colors, too! I've got emerald, and ordered scarlett. They make such fabulous page layers!] I added the few strips of animal print and crackly paper. Bubble wrap dots all over, orange, white, gold. This is one page that turned out exactly the way I envisioned it. All Kinds of Jungle Animals.This is the other half of my Peter Beard takeoff, painted over in pink - my love Ciera's signature color. Ciera photo by my bro', Chris, on one of her school's dress-up Fridays. She is SO my fashion muse! As I Remember It. The gold paper with the swirls is what my Julie Journal came wrapped in, along with the blue ribbon. Mmmmm--yummmy. What a color palette! The paint chips are Ralph Lauren sample chips. Pale blue stencil paint and an amber ink pad smeared over it then blasted with my heat gun. Little circle tag from The Tuscan Rose. I really love this page! Aristocat. Or better stated: Aristoscrap. That's all this is, scrap bits, orange glossy jewels paint, and white gesso painted on then rubbed off. Not sure where this one is going.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Love these pages!! You have a really good way with colors...where I tend to do the same colors over and over, I envy that you can try new combos and make all of them look fantastic!

Veronica said...

oh these are super cool. I love those.

candy said...

i LOVE the Aristoscrap! Nice!!