Thursday, January 29, 2009

Banner and Boob

New banner is an excuse to showcase my favorite EVER photo of my love, Ciera, taken (I think) by her Daddy Chris, but maybe it was Uncle Cam. Anyway I love it. So then of course I had to pick a bouncy, upbeat,sassy background -- [sorry, Ciera Beara, but I could NOT do pink, just couldn't do it!]

And yes, that IS a boob on the page layout named Repose, posted a couple days ago. For those who asked, what? You never seen a boob before? Given your names, I would've thought you to be in possession of a pair. Boob, amazing phenomenon, that.

BOOB!!!(Did I skeer ya? -- hee)

Editor's Note: Speaking of ... this is one of the most beautiful pictures [click on that phrase to view] I've ever seen, and I want one (ok - several) like it taken of ME. Why is it that the only shutterbugs I know are family members? Huh? Eesh, blimey and shite!


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! My friend and I joke at the flea market all the time that we will at least spot 10 pairs of boobs... Fun to point them out on the tables....haha

Veronica said...

OH my gosh I have never laughed so hard about the boob. You sure that is a boob??????? cause I aint never seen none so perky...hahahahahahha I am killing myself here.
And yes that is a perfect picture of Ciera. What's wrong with PINK girl..... aint you ever done pink before.

Eternal Free Spirit said...

newcomer here.

Your comment about the boob in 'repose' (love the layout btw) made me chuckle. Go to any flea market and things like that and you're bound to find some in the same fashion.


Carla said...

LOVE, LOVE your new banner! Oh, to be so young!!

Capistrani said...

Oh yes so funny