Thursday, January 22, 2009

09 Calendar - January 19th thru 22nd

Made myself adhere to the prompt of 'red, black, gold' as best I possibly could. Love those colors anyway. Without diminishing [or objectifying - ahem!] our new President in the smallest way, I do think My Lovely Mother said it best when she said, a while back after the Barack-on-the-Beach photos appeared, 'Talk about your pin-up president!' And then, today, she added, 'I think all of us women are a little in love with him.'



John said...

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Wabbit said...

Great pages, Miss Fufu! I love what you did with the red, black, and gold and so timely! I need to get mine posted.

JV said...

WOW, I love your originality it is very nice and relaxing to see your inspirations.
I am new at this blogging thing.
Thank You.

Samantha Brightwell said...

Just a little in love with Barack .... think a lot of us are guilty of that too in UK. Red, gold and black are such perfect colours for a man that inspires such hope in the world. Your work is truly beautiful.
Thank you.