Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Final Touches

Decided to journal-collage a few of the remaining pages in my journal, trying to make myself slow down, relax, and enjoy finishing the journal instead of mentally being into the new one already. Turned out to be a GRAND idea -- I relaxed, had a ball, and managed to use a few of my saved and loved words, quotes, and images. the journal is officially finished now, and up on my shelf with the other lovelies. The House Rules. This page started with a conversation between Zoe and me about the best kind of hat for her shape of head (ears, and all). & then I held her while I danced to Duffy's song, "MERCY" -- Zoe haaaAAAAAtes that, true story, being held while I Go-Go dance. Elf Lanterns. Somehow, when I found that quote, I had the idea I'd use it to write a children's story for my love, Ciera, but never did. Always kept the quote, though. You and Me. A page between me, and me.