Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Missed & Constantly Thought Of

I was dumbfounded to read of Jett Travolta's death. And Joey DeBolske is a friend's son who died a year ago, today, in a bus accident. The reality of these young, vibrant, wonderful young men, lost? I can't absorb it. Ever. It's wrong; it's profound; it's an open, ongoing question. These lyrics, actually, are from the song I played over and over and over again after my oldest male child was in his car accident, on Father's Day a year and a half ago. The song is sung by Carly Simon, from her CD entitled Into White (with harmonies by her son and daughter, Ben and Sally Taylor). I've played it for David, who liked it. For me, it goes so far in that it's like a nutrient of comfort in my blood. [Here is a YouTube link to James Taylor and Carly Simon singing it in the 70's.]

I'm holding Jett and Joey and their families/friends, everywhere, close to my heart these days.