Saturday, January 10, 2009


01/11/09 Note: "D"s father called me back late last night, and "D" is doing much better, is stabilized and responding.

"D"s dad just called me -- earlier today, "D" started to throw up, and his heart rate escalated ... a cat scan was done and another infection discovered behind his liver, the location of the first open incision. "D" was rushed in for another surgery to clean out the infection, which was growing and visible on the cat scan. [What I haven't said before is that "D" has expressed, over and again, how much he did NOT want any more surgeries -- this was a blow to his confidence. That really worries my heart.] After the surgery, the doctors had to fight to get him stabilized: his heart rate stayed at 150 WAY too long, but they did manage to bring him down. "D"s Dad and Mom weren't allowed to see him, then, so were on their way back just now to try again.

"D" is back in ICU -- this is a definite setback, and causing all of us serious concern.