Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strange Kitty & Rose of the Year '09

The magazine text to the left of the strange kitty says 'unwrap a more confident you this year'. I, Toni, actually spent $1.49 on one of those CHEEZE tabloids, because this cat advertisement was on the back, and the cleavage of my dreams was on the front! [And oh how I laughed -- correction: cackled!!] I'm scared to look on the INSIDE of the tabloid for fear of infecting my brain with 'Stoopid'. When I want some crazy ridiculous image for a journal page, I'll probably brave it, though! Lovely page. but where am I going to write? I can't stand to write on those blooms ... I'll have to get troooly creative! Roses from the latest Jackson Perkins catalog that came to work. My drawn silhouette, Tuscan Rose nude image. Paper and text scraps.

Now, if you want to see something truly inspiring, go visit Dispatch from LA, here, and here.


Nancy said...

I love strange kitty!