Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Good, Some ... ?

Inspiration, article on page 25 in Jan/Feb 2009 Somerset Studio, by Janice Lowry. Product: Chartpak colorless blender pen. Take copy machine copies of any image, lay face down on page, rub pen on the back. (Caution: do this outdoors or DIE of asphyxiation from the lethal P.U. fumes of the pen). My favorite bird. The photo I transferred to the lower right [the old architectural building front with another building reflected, watery-like, in the window] is a black & white shot My Daddy-O took donkeys' years ago, which I tote around everywhere and love to pieces. Inspiration HERE. And my layers were gorgeous when I finished. But then I'm standing over the page, chin cupped in hand, saying, 'where in the ^@^$@% am I going to write, eh, what?!' Whence cometh the pale blue paint. Whence goeth the pretty page. Eesh, blimey, shite. All those gorgeous paper scraps came from Patty in the first place -- now I feel like I wasted them all.


lee said...

I have that bird as a rub on and have been saving it, because I love it as well. I think I am going to scan it, so I can reuse it somehow. I have that magazine I was reading it last night, but skipped the Janice Lowry article. I will go back and read it, sound like I would like to try that as well.

Beth said...

love love love that page with the transfers....and your yellow page...omg, it's fabulous !!

{and yes, you journal page don't really ever need any prompts...hee hee}