Thursday, January 8, 2009

Journaling Beat -- Ba Dom Ba Dom

White Shades. Fabric paint, magazine image, and stenciling. I have a notebook full of these plastic template thingies, and decided to try them as stencils using a sponge and my stamp ink pads, instead of making a mess with paint and dobbers. I like it. Very much. Magazine image. White Shades 2. Fabric paint, little ticket that turned up in the master bath (I love tickets and stubs like this!), paper scrap with a Martha Stewart punch border ... my only Martha Stewart product -- I just reFUSE to give that woman any more of my money. Magazine images. Postcard from my collection, reminds me of a Sundance special I just watched on over-development in Austin, Texas -- which documentary introduced me to the unbelievable voice of Patty Griffin, currently blasting from my CD player. Journaling spot, fabric paint, some white stenciling barely visible. I tried to cover up two failed transfers. ARRRGHHH!!! Fabric paint, my favorite Christmas card this year (yowza, those colors!), a postcard from My Beloved Aunt Judy tucked behind the card, another failed transfer (that would be the black smudges on the right. ARGH!!! -- oh, I said that already!)