Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Journal from Julie

Lime Journal. I've been drooling over this little work of art for a loooooong time, on Julie's ETSY shop. So when I checked her blog and saw SALE -- well, I dared not breathe until I'd checked, and YES!!! It was one of the sale items, and I snagged it. It's MINE!!! It's sitting here beside me on my studio desk, being dusted by Zoe's furry tail (I'm having to nudge her off the keyboard as I type) ...

Dig it. This is ORIGINAL Juliefied art on the cover. And she made me a TAG and SIGNED it. And she wrapped it, in gorgeous paper to be seen already used in a written journal background [next post, true story], along with a portion of the silky smooth blue ribbon tied through the tag. As I told her, I could barely get to the journal for the FUN of all the packaging!

I have two contender ideas for the use of this little bomb ... still pondering over which I like better, as the journal is only roughly 3.5 x 5 and we all know my struggles with My Big Paws & Tiny Pages! So the subject matter/theme has to be compatible with the size and my dexterity level (ha!).

Today I noticed she has 3 awesome bird pieces up on her ETSY -- and y'all know me and birds. Sigh. I want to be an art patron, starting with Julie's birds. Another true story. The kissing ones, ooooh I adore that piece. I shouldn't be telling you -- one of you will snag it out from under me. But that's ok, too, if it has a good home.


Anonymous said...

This post makes me so happy...not because you bought the journal (well that helps..) but because I know by your words that you are really going to love it. I am so happy that you have this little book, Toni!!! Thank you THANK YOU so much!

lee said...

I also have been looking at that one. I love her work. Whe she juliefies it is pretty great. I wish I knew how to make beautiful journals