Saturday, November 22, 2008

Green Piece

Ahhh. My precious Miss V received her green piece package, so now I'm allowed to post it here. Again, this was one of our personal exchanges/challenges, to use a color in a monochromatic way on any kind of project we wished. The front cover, previously posted. The theme of this book is to encourage V to believe in herself as an artist. Like all of us, she can sometimes doubt it, but I NEVER DO!! Inside front cover. Title of the piece is YOU ARE AN ARTIST. This is also my first flag book, which I've been wanting to attempt for a loooooooonnnngggg time! Note: NEVER again use corrugated paper for the folded spine, as nothing wants to stick to it. Took 25 pounds of heavy gel medium for each insert to stay PUT. Tags 1-3 - fronts. Each message, front and back, is related to Veronica being an artist. Backs of Tags 1-3. Tags 4-6, fronts. On the far right, not visible in the scan, are the stamped words: USE EVERYTHING IN YOUR ART. Backs of Tags 4-6. Inside back cover, using a scan of one of Miss V's pieces for me, cut into three parts, and a photo of Zoe (also a Miss V fan). A fabric butterfly, rub-ons, buttons. Again, back cover with vintage post card tied on with a ribbon.


candy said...

wow!!! beautiful! I love the green colors used throughout the project!



Anonymous said...

LOVE monochromatic art!!

Beth said... are such an artist !!!!!...seriously!!!!

Nancy said...

Beautiful! Lucky Miss V!

Veronica said...

it is by far the most amazing pice ever. I so love it and it is mine all mine. I so love it.