Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Tree

My maternal great grandparents, Mike and Amalia 'Molly' Reitz. Great Grandma Molly left the German settlement of Warenburg, Russia, on the Volga River, when persecution had just begun at the turn of the century, and the German settlements were being broken up and sent to Siberia. She was 16 years old -- took the boat by herself. Grandma Molly had a cousin already living here, in Nebraska, and that is where she too ended up. I love that story; I love her willingness to brave such a huge change during such a horrific time of turmoil.

Acrylic paint, paint pen, business envelope patterned paper strips and punched flowers, red paper scrap, Artistic Outpost stamped images (Serenity and Happiness plates) - (except the crows), vintage family photos.