Sunday, November 23, 2008

Written Journal Backgrounds

I'm doing so much writing that I made myself stop to do journal backgrounds today! Got tired of plain white paper (ha!) Peppermint Patty. Basic Grey green paper. Olive die cut border from Miss V, along with the woman reaching stamped image (from a mail art envelope). Sticker. Shrimp and martini images from Sam's Club flyer. Blue/pink/green flowered paper (Mode de Paris) opens for more journaling. Peartini. Images from a flyer for Sam's Club. Brown scrap paper - I love the texture of it under a Sharpie permanent marker. The blue/green flowered strip opens for a secret message. Perfect Ending. Favorite magazine image. Basic Grey papers. Stickers. Succumb. This is a piece of wax paper taped in. Magazine image I LOVE!! Stickers. Basic Grey rub-on border. That's meant to be my little Zoe-Toes in the bottom left corner. Take Only Memories. Basic Grey paper, stickers, little Live Life! pocket from a mail art envelope Miss V sent me. This page is underneath the 'Succumb' layover page. It's All I'd Ever Dream Of. Lyrics: Tina Dico. Basic Grey papers. Lake image from a magazine. Graphics from work. Watercolor background wash. Your Shadow Watches You. Lyrics: Tina Dico. Basic Grey papers. Diamonds punched from an envelope. Graphic from some plans from work. Bird image and black picture corners from magazines. Watercolor washed backgrounds. Crab Apples. Photo by John Barker, in Focus magazine. Acrylic paint.


candy said...

I love all these pages! My favorite is the little bird page.
Nice journaling areas!

Veronica said...

hey where is the one with you and me as old ladies?

amy said...

Love these pages and am so inspired! Thanks for sharing. :)