Monday, November 3, 2008

Visualization as Medicine

Conversation with a group of associates, mainly male. Conversation that became animated and split me down the center from the mainly male (but some female) others. Topic: Why does a woman's 'mysterious side' HAVE to refer to a sexual expression? Why did everyone's brain immediately leap there, start salivating and palpitating and gyrating? -- I held my ground, spoke bravely, assertively, articulately (privately wondering what this world is coming to when all the old stereotypes about women are resurrecting themselves this way). Visualizing, desparately. Having big ideas, original thoughts, creativity, autonomy, and a big mouth? Means becoming a target of the ridiculers, skeptics, fear-mongers and condescenders. This was my depiction of my WISH that I could go home, tell the tale, and find a hand-out (so to speak), someone to have my back and appreciate my brilliance and to support my uniqueness. I imagined this is what it would feel like, despite such a charged topic and my fervent (ok, sometimes INSISTENT) thoughts on the subject. By 10:45 last night, I was mentally here.