Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Backgrounds Beat Goes On

Chinese Proverb. Two of the stamps from my new Artistic Outpost plate of the same name. The blue/white paper was just a blotter underneath another project, and I loved the calligraphy-like feel of it. Bramble Woman. Paper Artsy rubber stamp images, wallpaper from Patty, color wash background. April in Paris. Rubber stamp images from a Mary Mata plate which was a gift from Veronica. Wallpaper from Ms. Patty, and more Twinkling H20 background wash. I love the sparkle, later, when I go to write on these washes. Angel-Alien. This shape was somebody's perfume sample cut-out; ditto the Angel, Alien spikes. Walk through an upscale department store's perfume counters -- the perfume sample shapes are always fun, sometimes have GREAT graphics, and make awesome little tags & inserts. Papers from my swap with Patty at The Tuscan Rose. Twinkling H2O background wash. She Sat Behind You. Hee hee, I love this ad. Paper scraps, magazine image (door panels by her head), rubber stamp swirl. Spices. Paper scraps, die-cut sparrow, magazine image, homemade tag.
Define Authentic. Rubber stamp image, paper scraps/shapes, stamp pad blobs,magazine images. Seduction. Accidental but cool stencil, wallpaper & red tag from Patty at The Tuscan Rose, 2 of my homemade tags, twinkling H2o background wash. Horseplay and Cons. Photos by me, paint chip samples, Mary Mata collage image, paper scrap. My boys -- they crack me SO up! Hoopstars. Paper, paint sample chip ... my youngest male child on one side of the insert; my oldest on the other, rubber stamp images, cologne sample from Sean John.


Nancy said...

All these wonderful pages are inspiring me to get back to my journal. It's been put aside with all the Thanksgiving and Christmas preperations.

Carla said...

Love these! Of course I love the Chinese Proverbs one best! It's on the top of my list for my next AO order. I just can't quit thinking about how beautiful it would be embossed!