Sunday, November 16, 2008

Art Journal Gypsy - rolling, rolling, rolling!

Blank written journal pages? Pfffft, I'll live. I was having FAR TOO MUCH FUN with the art journal gypsies prompts, so I kept going. During drying times, I did work on a few written journal backgrounds, but they aren't done, so I'll do some more damage on them after I put up this post. Mandala journaling -- I wrote only what the acorn itself means to me. Even after journaling what the mandala means to me, I couldn't work up much enthusiasm for this drawing. Methinks this acorn can't be saved! Vibrant. This is the finished 'various tapes' layout I posted earlier. Prompt suggested placing images in the open spaces between the tape grid, leaving one 'box' empty for later addition of a word. Color - right side. I tried to mirror, in reverse, the image layout on the left side. I LOVE THIS SPREAD!!!!!! This prompt had us finding an image we really responded to and laying it on one side of the open spread. Gesso, then add color washes, defined by lines, for later journaling. Extended journaling. I struggle with this kind of journaling, the undefined open areas. I'm pretty line-dependent! This layout was to include just a few favorite magazines images, laid out with room for drawing and journaling. The quote was optional, but I liked this one. Right side of the layout -- I still have the drawing-then-journaling steps to go on this layout. I used glass paint - it's kind of translucent when it dries and I love that.


Vale said...

Hi Toni!
Oh my goodness! I so love the pages you have created for Art Journal Gypsies!! I particularly love your mandala spread (I used a pomegranate), and what the acorn represents for you (I love autumn myself, & winter, and it's currently snowing here!); and your spread with the mirror image! Oh hec, I adore all of your spreads! lol I am thrilled that you've joined in with me on this art gypsy journey, thank you, Toni! I am such a fan of yours!
Warm hugs! Vale :)