Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Subtle Stereotyping

Question: Wondering why it is that everyone has assumed, so far, that Double BB will vote for Obama because he's black: Double BB is black, I mean, and of course Obama as well. As if brotherhood of skin color is sufficient qualification upon which Double BB might base his decision. Or something.

Double BB posed that question to me a few days ago, and since then, I've paid much closer attention to the comments of acquaintances (his & mine) and work associates ...

Oddly, also, it seems that I [by proximity and connection to my Black husband], must also naturally be voting for Obama, because he's Black, and I'm 'into' Black.


I'm not saying who I'm voting for. Maybe I'm NOT voting. Maybe I don't like either one of these candidates. Maybe I wanted to be nominated as a candidate, just so I too could take a spin on Saturday Night Live. It could be I was hoping Scooby Doo would finally run, on a platform of 'let them eat steak!'

Probably, though, I just don't think political discussions belong on my art blog.

But discussions about these emerging oddball subtle stereotypes, really surprising ME anyway (not Double BB) -- now that interests me.

What do you think?

P.S. Double BB is actually Black, Cherokee, and White, if you wanna know [and Obama, well, his DNA-pool has been pretty well explained already]. Don't let the skin color fool ya.

P.P.S. Which makes Double BB's and my sons Black, Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, French, Welsh and German. But when they were born, I still had to check the 'Black' box on the birth certificate forms. Although first go-round I wrote in 'Human' and checked a self-made box beside that.


Ricë said...

i wish people would say it, and obama would say it: he's as white as he is black. he is not A Black Man. he is biracial. it drives me nuts, because if we'd had kids, they would have been biracial, and people would have said that they were black, and that would have made it sound like i had no part in creating them, you know? the ege is fabulous, but he's not zeus!

lee said...

I think rice has it, Obama is Human...I dont see any difference never have between black and white, but its all in the way your raised. Hey I am not even American..so I am going to shutup. Liked your post....you are a great writer

candy said...

Yay for Obama! I voted for him not because of his skin color, but because he said that he would like to double the funding for cancer programs.

I like what you wrote about the human checkbox. I hear ya!