Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rain as a Phenomenon

This just in from my bro', Chris, about the rain today: "We got poured on over here. Now it's drizzling. Patchy doesn't know where to pee."

Patchy doesn't know where to pee. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEE HEE ho ho ho HAHAHA!

Did you think I was maybe exaggerating when I say it doesn't rain much in Phoenix? When the puppy doesn't know where to pee, I'd say that makes my point.

hahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA



Anonymous said...


We're muddy over here...I guess the rain hit us while we slept. Boy did we need it. Remind me to tell you about the time I was stranded in Vegas due to flash flooding.....rain in the desert? Not fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carla said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful we're blogging friends! Well, we're having a snow shower here, but we're as dry as dust, so will take whatever we can get!

lee said...

Happy you.