Sunday, November 16, 2008

Art Journal Gypsy

I stumbled onto this Art Journal Gypsies blog via several others, and found it captivating, found myself wishing I'd discovered it when it first began. Then I decided pfft! I'm going to just go ahead and follow along, do the prompts from previous weeks, and join the fun! This Journal Belongs to ... inside front cover of new Art Journal Gypsy composition book. Self-portrait ... a mermaid (of course), in a cool hat ... and words chosen for their meaning to and about me. Gesso, then a light color wash, then 'age' the page (walnut ink squirts). This page is to journal about the mandala created on the opposite page. Side 2 - Mandala. I HATE THIS. I know what it symbolizes to me but I HATE THIS. Still, I'm going to leave it alone (blecch) and journal about the meaning.
Gesso first, then all kinds of tapes, then a dark coat of paint. Ready for the next step. Both sides of the spread basically look like this.

I thought, at first, I'd go through and do all the backgrounds, then go back and journal, but I'm thinking now that won't work. I may just have to forego trying to complete all the weeks I missed and just pick up where the group is now. That way I can also finish the journaling as I go. What a heavenly, fun, relaxing day I spent yesterday, though -- working on these pages.


Anonymous said...

I Like all of your pages, Toni! You got a lot of work done! Doesn't it feel great?

Veronica said...

you really have a way with journals. I am simply taken back by all the amazing things you can do

Jolande said...

I like your page, and I think your Mandala is beautiful.

I found the Gypsie-journal also when it was already going on for a few weeks.
I started at the beginning and did the prompts started at week 1, than week 2 etc until I was were everybody is. Now I am at week 14 :-)
Have fun and greetings from