Friday, November 21, 2008

There's Insensitive, and then there's .... ??

Yesterday, a beloved friend of mine who is also a consummate artist [and about as hip as they come], told me a story, a true story, a story that's been sticking in my craw ever since.

I need to share.

I need to ask if anyone else finds this disturbing.

Ok, so the story is: my beloved friend made an ATC for someone. And this ATC included as part of its decor/theme a sweet little winged fairy clip-art child. Only this fairy happened to be an African American winged fairy clip-art child. You know, a little Black girl, in a pink leotard with green incandescent wings, & a slightly sad face, & really cute ballet slippers on her tootsies, & some awesome brightly-colored tights.

And the recipient told my beloved friend that her use of the Black winged fairy clip-art child was 'insensitive.'

'da fuck? [ ... I know, I don't usually talk like that on my blog, but ... 'da fuck??!! Insensitive? I am so baffled that 'da fuck' is the best my brain could do when I heard this tale, and the best my brain has been doing ever since.]

So, what ... only little white girls get to be legitimate fairy clip-art images, without raising the 'insensitive' brow?

But -- WHY would 'insensitive' even occur, as a brain wave or even a brain fart, upon seeing a clip-art image of a Black child [or an Asian child, a South America child, an Aboriginal child, a Martian child] as a fairy? I'm struggling here, folks. Really really struggling with that. There's politically correct and there's RIDICULOUS! Right? RIGHT?!

I mean, trust me, my nieces Rylee and Taylor-the-T-Bomb will tell you that little Black girls make seriously BAD ASS fairies -- and also firemen, and lady bugs, and Hannah Montanas and paramedics -- won't be any talking them OUT of their convictions. They would in fact think you really strange & pathetic if you attempted to suggest they shouldn't be acting those fantasies out. Or that they didn't have every right to take over those characters. Or that a photo of them in a pink leotard sporting incandescent wings was somehow illegitimate. Or insensitive.

Now, my nieces happen to be mixed-race (again, Black, White, Cherokee, etc.) with beautiful variations of chocolate-shaded skin tones ... so is it the 'white' in them which makes their play-acting legit? I mean, what?

I know, I'm going too far with this. But I'm stuck at 'da fuck?!' and need some help shoving my brain along!


Julie Prichard said...

insensitive to whom? The clip art or the recipient? I hope she meant the clip art..... either way- weird.

candy said...

hmmm...insensitive? This clip art doesn't sound insensitive.

ahhh, ignore that. An artist is free to use whatever they like.