Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scraps & 'Tude

Day Record - Green. I'm working on my current challenge/exchange between Miss V and myself -- decided at one point (drying time, when else!) to MAKE myself do a written journal background with the accumulated debris from the piece I'd been working on for Veronica. Rules: only what was desktop already, whatever that was, whatever I could scrounge right at hand.
Union Metal Scrap. I really don't like forcing myself to use only what's 'in my face' (desktop). This page feels heavy and artificial to me. The first one has better balance.
The 2 following pages erupted after I was unwillingly subjected to the entire length of an ad for the Orange County housewives (or whatever that drivel of a show is called). I guess there is a new housewife in the neighborhood or something. Oh! My! God! Who watches that stuff? & why would ANY WOMAN allow herself to participate in such a show? WHAT IS THE POINT?!!!!!!!! ACK! Pigskin Preview. Magazine images/text, white gesso.
Never Happen. Magazine images/text, stamp pad impressions.


candy said...

i love those stamps you used from Union Metal. Sometimes I like things out of the ordinary. Its looks good to me!