Monday, November 17, 2008

No More Blank Journal Pages (for a coupla days anyway!)

Hippy Tub. Magazine images that make me grin! Make It Work. Acrylic paint, my rose photo, rubber stamps, Tim Gunn's signature saying! Latte. Paper scraps from swap with Patty. Embossed rubber stamp image, acrylic paint, rollagraph coffee bean stamp thingie ... Love this, may not actually journal on it. Returned Your Call. Paper scraps and magazine images. Nouveau Garden. Images from The Tuscan Rose, magazines, and Mary Mata, truck photo by my Dad. Acrylic paint. Moroccan Sparrow. Moroccan postage stamps from my collection. Arabic writing scrap. All the other papers from my swap with Patty at The Tuscan Rose. Acrylic and glass paint. Moroccan Ornament. Acrylic paints, Arabic text scrap, all paper strips and 'ornament' from Patty at The Tuscan Rose, our swap.

These pages will last me about 2 days of writing.


Anonymous said...

I love these pages....I really admire people who can put collage together so nicely and make it look so effortlessly. I am in a collage rut.

lee said...

really great pages, nice colour, you have been a busy gal.

Trish said...

love the pages so much!!