Friday, November 14, 2008

Mentally Dressing Up My Friday

In response to a recent submission in the hopes of being a guest designer, I received this: "We appreciate the time and effort you took to send us your recent application for a spot as a Guest Designer, however at this time our Guest positions have been filled. In the future, there will be more opportunities for Guest positions, and we encourage you to resubmit for those calls."

I'm a little sad, tell you the truth. May I come over for a while, sit at your kitchen table, talk about it? & drink hot chocolate out of this mug? My! What a lovely tablecloth this is! Let me drape my jacket over the back of your comfie kitchen chair ... and sit across from you, wearing this sweet dress ... ... with this lovely throw around my shoulders ... ... & I promise to let your kitty sleep in one of my shoes! I just really need someone to listen, ya know?

[all images: anthropologie]


Carla said...

Toni, you keep at it, girl! I haven't made every DT I've submitted to, either! I didn't make the last team I submitted to. I was a little bummed, but not much, and not for long. I just know that when I don't make it, it just isn't the right time. Maybe later will be. You are immensely talented, and there are LOTS of companies out there! Creative Cuts and More is looking for designers if you are interested in working with 3D stuff. You look hot in that dress, by the way!

Beth said...

my door is always open and I've been told that when I shut up, I'm acutally a pretty good listener !!