Friday, November 7, 2008

Make It Personal

Make It Personal. In showing my male children the visual journal page of my great grandparents, I also recounted everything I know of their story. My oldest male child was ironing but paused, iron held up in one hand, to listen. My youngest child told someone on his cell phone he'd call him back, then listened. At some points during my tale, they both chimed in. When I'd finished, my oldest male child said, 'That's such a cool story. You've told us that before, Mom.'

Thank GOODNESS I've told them that before, enough times that they can recite parts of it with me. They'll be the carriers-forward of that history.

It's almost impossible for me to 'splain the 'why' on the images held on this page, so I won't. It's about family, it's about holding on and passing forward, it's about home in the history, in the heart, it's about ... family, like I said.

The images are a mix of things from Ten Two Studios, The Tuscan Rose, and Toast catalogs. Text from my big box of cut-out-of-magazines 'words'. A couple of stickers. Acrylic paint.