Monday, November 10, 2008

Veronica's Piece for Our Journal Challenge

In the early summer months, it was my turn to invent a challenge/swap/project for Miss Veronica and me to share. I picked some stickers and rub-ons, a color palette of brown, pink, green, yellow, and some little journals that turned out not to be very sturdy, so we opted to use the patterned pages any way we wanted.

Now, you have to understand that Miss V feels about visits to the post office the same way I feel about such as ironing and socks -- as in HATES them. So there's usually a pretty pronounced delay between when a challenge finishes and when it might actually land in my hot little palms. Wanna know why I don't mind? Because the art that arrives is always as incredible as what follows, always always always worth the wait!! Front cover. Gah! Pink and apple green, harlequin pattern, sassy babes in bathing suits! Layout 2. Love those catalog women. And the colors! Layout 3. I WANT that car. Layout 4. Totally digging the slides and the colors. Layout 5. I LOVE (& own) the stamp on the right, the fetching wench on the seesaw? Yup. Back Cover.


Veronica said...

ha.... there was a box too that had some stuff in it. Actually there is two boxes... so keep your eyes out for them. and Yes I HATE post offices but I found a new thing at the post office it is called 24 hour self service. I have been going at five am to the post office. no lines. and I get to do the mailing...woo hoo