Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ciera's Lemon Tree

Loopy grin. Ciera asked me what were my favorite things -- I said, "I love lemons. And balloons. And cats." Which one do you want me to draw you? she wanted to know. "You pick, Baby, and surprise me."

After she gave me this, she brought me her journal, a black bound good quality journal, and she sat in my lap while I slowly paged through, and I mean slowly ... I was floored. Floored that she's been keeping a journal -- it's a visual journal. Floored at how FUN the pages are. How colorful. And inventive! She painted a photo of her classroom from the perspective of being above it, like a bird ... and I totally GOT it, right away, that I was looking down at the class scene. I mean, WOW! And one page she didn't like at all ('I messed up') -- but she keeps it because there is one part of it, the peace signs she drew, that she loves and she decided those made the page worth keeping.

My heart really thought it would explode. I didn't have my MuthaCam to take any photos, or I'd sure have asked her if I could be allowed to shoot, then post them here.


Beth said...

too sweet....and cool new banner girlfriend !!!!

candy said...

look how cute this is! And its in layers too! I love this lemon tree!