Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amazing Surprise

Wow. Carla, at Paper Pastorale, gave me this award, and wrote something that touched me: "Toni is a true artist, more than a stamper. Her work and writing are thought provoking and interesting. Her comments are always so well crafted, you feel honored that she stopped by." It matters so much to me that my words, my writing, can give something, too, and for her to notice that is just powerful! I'm encouraged to forward this to a few select people, but I have to be honest -- for the last several weeks, there are really just three blogs that have been my art medicine, my heart rushes, so I'm sending this award to them with deep deep pleasure.
1. Candy Robles, at U2Robles ... Candy creates art pieces I don't have any skill for or experience with, felted items, beautiful tags, incorporating color, fabric, sewing, ribbon, freshness, and such a HAPPINESS! I visit her blog to feel like a little girl again.
2. Julie Prichard, at The Land of Lost Luggage, Her style of journal pages lights dynamite in my head and turns my journal-making hands into laser beams of originality. Killer killer stuff. And then she writes with each post, and I find her thoughts like infusions of BRAIN FOOD, sentences I think about all day, enriching, provoking, comical sometimes, just REAL STUFF.
3. Beth, at Doors Are Everywhere ... Open Them. She's discovered within herself a genius and love for photography, also a passion of mine, and most of the time I find her photographs take me deep inside, full, quietly meditative, and soothed. I can barely ever comment even though I badly want to, because the response I feel to her photographs and accompanying poetry or thoughts hushes me so thoroughly. Richness, richness, richness!

Ladies, I leave it to your discretion to forward this award or not, as you are inclined.


Beth said... are just way too sweet and kind....

enough of that over the top sappy crap....

YOU TOTALLY ROCK !!!!!'re the best girlfriend !!!!!


and thank you SO FRICKIN MUCH !!!!

candy said...

I'm totally honored! Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate your kindness!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Wow- what a glorious mention! Wow...YOU have a way with words! I am so glad we "met".

Muchas Muchas Gracias!!