Sunday, March 8, 2009

You've Heard of Dim Sum?

Say hello to Dim Muse. Journal backgrounds made in Muse Absentia, in other words. They are either spectacularly simple, such as these two, or utterly schizoid (no examples of that, today, thank goodness)! I got smart and quit while I was ahead -- went to make spaghetti for the starving males of the Brown household. Ralph Lauren paint pod paint, rubber stamps, ephemera design corners. Tranquil page, actually. Magazine text and images, and an old greeting card that both lifts up for journaling, and behind which I can slide more paper or something for journaling. Deco tape.


skywind said...

See you make these, I feel relaxed and happy. :)
Health is the Greatest Happiness
The World at The Present

beth said...

surprise....I did some journal pages today too...what else does one do when the freezing rain and snow is falling outside your window ?

anyhow...if I get brave, maybe I'll share !

Holly said...

I adore the Robin's Egg blue page...just love it. It's stunning in its simplicity. So different and still so very you.