Thursday, March 5, 2009

Written Journal Backgrounds

Believe it or not, I've finally caught up writing on the 25 backgrounds I made with my love, Ciera ... oofda. Partly responsible for that is my boss (see next post), who put her foot up my you-know-what about my start time, so now I have an extra hour in the mornings. So far, I've been spending it very quietly in my studio, Zoe snoozing in my lap, writing in my journal. No radio, no coffee, just pen going, lots of tidbits about the prior night's dreams coming through. I'll have to do another 25 backgrounds, though, to stay ahead of myself with this routine! I also realized tonight after work that I'm halfway through this Big A** Journal -- rather astonishing! Wallpaper samples from a new sample book that came into my possession yesterday (whoo hoo!), bit from my Scrap Diner order and ribbon, too, photo of green glassware from a flyer, fabric paint (gold sheer) ... a couple of rub-ons. Tomorrow morning I'll be starting on this layout! Two thin strips from the new wallpaper sample book, rub-on, rubber stamped journaling circles. I was so exhausted last night that the photo of the freshly made bed (from a Pottery Barn catalog), in sumptuous, relaxing GREENS, kicked off this page. As soon as everything was glued down, Toni went to HER bed and zzzzz'd out!


skywind said...

Wow...very beautiful graffiti. :)

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Patty Mooney said...

Nicely done. I enjoy your sense of colors.

Samantha said...

I luuuuurve the green journal background. Just wanna climb into that crisp, clean bed and have a long snooze. Green is absolutely definitely my all time favourite colour (for today, anyway). mwah x