Friday, March 6, 2009

Awards Acceptance Outfit

Payroll is done, I'm exhausted, the crew guys haven't started showing up for paychecks yet, and I've been honored with two awards in two days. I think it's time for a little Virtual Shopping! The dress -- a sketch I found when I googled 'haute couture gowns'. Fresh, light, lots of movement, & (of course) evoking the sea.
This sapphire ring, out of my jewelry box (yea, right)!
Retro jewelry in this manner, but styled for drop earrings and something unique in my hair. Christian Louboutin, 'Fortuna' pumps.
Also Christian Louboutin.

I'll be attending this awards party with Samantha, Alison, and some of those upon whom they bestowed the award -- I'm just waiting for Alison to let me know when to expect the limousine!


I'm Grace said...

What a great post! Congratulations on you awards!

Samantha said...

Oh Gosh Honey, I'll need to get (virtual) shopping, and it's already 11.30pm here now ... don't know if I'll get my selection in tonight! And haven't done my post on the award yet, as I want to be fresh and at my best (LOL ... How seriously am I taking this?) Have to go and sleep now tho. Night.

Holly said...

You will look stunning! Have a fabu time in the virtual limo in your virtual gown and are the only real deal in the whole thing!

Veronica said...

hey, don't I get to go??????? I can get a dress, some jimmy choo shoes too.

skywind said...

Beautiful jewelry, all eyes were not open in flash. :)
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Alison said...

OK - I've got my outfit sorted too. (I had to go to bed last night so wasn't quite a quick as you! :-)) I'm pretty sure that Louise has ordered the limo. Just wait till you hear a toot and you'll know we're there. Lol!