Sunday, March 29, 2009

SoulCollage - Committee Meeting

Fascinating. I thought I'd be drawing mental blanks, trying to meet-&-greet my "committee suit" personalities (the inner family), after having done that with the archetype process. My psyche is proving to me, again and again, what a fruitful, never-ending playground it truly is.

Discovery: The SoulCollage process allows absolute freedom in identifying the personality nuances within the 'suit'. Suggestions are made in the book, but they're only suggestions. After spending a week sitting quietly outdoors, self alone with self, when I went to write down those nuances I'd discovered, I had a stampede outside my mental doors. Goodness! So below is my introductory list, scribbles & notions & glimmers ... I'm going to allow more time to pass, for refinement.

The Water Bearer (Sirena)
Sunflower - Soleil
The Poet/Scribe
something to do with a candle
The Linguist
Glitter, Balloons & Bubbles
White Fish
The Man Whisperer
Treetop Dancer
intuition - no image for that

Prairie Girl
Rusty Truck - relics
The Conduit Mapper
The Mediator
The Wit ("Neener")
Blue jay with one good wing (the preener)
The Loner
Passport (the traveler)

Woe Is Me Lass
Underserving Sideliner
"Melissa" (critic)(no offense to anyone named Melissa; I chose this name at age 14; at that time, it was a name I detested, seemed very prissy and dark to me -- having used it all these years, I've elected to keep it, despite the wonderful Melissa's I've met in the intervening years)
Dark Shadows (depression)
Abandoned Child
The Condemner (shrew)
Dependent/Helpless (no image)
I'll Think About It Tomorrow
Permission Slip
Miss Congeniality

Some of these are entities I've long known about and long ago named, and who must be included: White Fish, Sirena, Melissa, and of late, Miss Congeniality. Some are sides of myself I've slowly been separating into nuances and now they'll have names or identities of a sort. Image-gathering makes more sense to me at this point, with some idea of who I'm interacting with.


Holly said...

My Step Da's name is Melissa. You'd be surprised how acurate your thinking is on that name...I love her, but as her father says, "She's a fistfull."