Sunday, March 29, 2009

Background Overflow

All these backgrounds are in my overflow journal -- because I'm writing so much in response to my SoulCollage reading/process, I'm not currently making backgrounds in my own journal. This gorgeous senorita came on a postcard to work; I snagged it immediately. I like this page -- loads of symbolism, ideas for writing. A series of pages glued together, then ripped to create pockets. Tags a gift from Mary Mata, with a recent order. I used a huge doily to create the stencil. A two-page spread, and there isn't a blob on the woman's eye -- I missed that when I scanned it. I LOVE how regal, yet warm, she appears. I saw this, the slide mount with the charm on it, in a Stampers Sampler magazine; wanted to use it. "Follow your Dream' piece came in the mail at work, on an invite to help a charity. I love dream catchers so kept this. The tuck-in with the word 'strong' on it is actually some homemade postage ... Went 'shopping' in one of my hide-&-seek boxes, and came across my Far East tablet of papers. I love this bird, find myself ripping it out whenever I come across it in a magazine. Little Asian playing card from a deck I bought at the Chinese grocery store. I call this a 'grounded tag' -- meaning it doesn't lift, and nothing can be tucked behind it, but it still sets off whatever is journaled onto it. This is a close-up of one part of a huge canvas I made a long time ago. Lines for journaling.


Veronica said...

today ended up being a great creating day for you. once again these are wonderful. the senorita is darling

candy said...

fabulous layouts! I like the pocket page. Thanks for adding your technique about the doily. What a cool idea, is that just white paint? It sure turned out pretty!


soulbrush said...

man oh man you really live this stuff, love it all. think i am getting hooked. i know you are my guru. did my first card, very full, but it just poured out of me...what an experience.