Monday, March 9, 2009

2009 Calendar: March 9th through March 13th (double spread)

This week's calendar prompt is the colors aqua, tangerine, berry & black. FIERCE! Love them all, love them all -- together! And look what came in the mail! My inspiration photo, for a certainty! But I knew I needed a double spread -- my first calendar centerfold -- ooh! A conservatory floor (that's what I call this black & white harlequin pattern). I want this in my studio. The cabinet and window photos flip up for journaling beneath. What a blast! On this page, the rug, and the toile corner (upper right) are tags that lift for journaling. I still really want to find a picture of a cat to put on the sofa with the young lady. I know she's too small, really, by way of scale -- scale, shmale, let's just pretend it's one of those huge, comfy, get-lost-in-it sofas, with room for naps for the woman, the dog(s) and the cat(s). Oh yea!