Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inspiration Award


This one really touches me. I'm not used to BEING an inspiration, but rather to being INSPIRED. Thanks and a big, sloppy, velvet-ribbon tied hug to you, Leanne [at Mixed Media Martyr].

Those who consistently inspire me, who have inspired me for a really REALLY long time, or who are newly inspiring, are below, in no particular order -- trust me, I need you ALL!! Your blogs are my daily cups of coffee, tea, or shots of the HARD STUFF, depending, and I can't do without any of you.

1. Judy Wise
2. Patty at River Bench Ranch
3. Beth at Be Yourself - Everyone Else is Taken
4. Holly at Your Mothers Knows But Won't Tell You
5. Miss Veronica, My V-Luv, My Little Cabbage! at Art By Veronica
6. Samantha at The Everyday Witch
7. Roxanne at River Garden Studio
8. Ms. Pamela at Stealing Shadows
9. Cam at Journey Wildly
10. Mary Ann Moss at Dispatch from LA and
11. Lee at Defining Me


Alison said...

Well, you're an inspiration to moi! I really didn't know much at all about blogs till I started reading yours, despite having been writing mine for some months. You have given me ideas on how I can continue my Blogging Life when I return home. :-)

Holly said...

Thank you, Toni, I am very honored to be counted among such stellar company.

beth said...

you are soooo funny !!!
I've been called so many things, but never "a shot of the hard stuff" and I love it !!!

and you my dear sweet little wench of a perfect girlfriend, INSPIRE me all the time and make me laugh almost daily !!!

One of these days, I'm going to head out on a plane and end up at your front door with a handful of flowers and the biggest hug ever...I'm serious !!
YOU are on my bucket list !!!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Thank you so much, Toni! You are on my list too!

I am at the start of this adventure called blog, so I am soaking up the new connections I have already made.

I pushed reset on my life about two months ago, you have no idea how much strength and wisdom I am drawing from my new friends here. You rockstar women are inspiring me to find my footing on this new path.

You just made my night :)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Toni, thanks for the links to all these great new blogs! Glad you liked your award!!!

Pamela McCarville said...

Thank you for the nod and like you I feel much more comfortable being inspired then inspiring. But, you girl, do inspire. Your writing is truly wonderful. Don't stop!

Samantha said...

Thanks hugely Toni ... I feel I can only repeat or echo the words of the lovely ladies above .... stunned to be included in such "stellar company" ... rockstar women (I love that)... and I just might turn up on your door one day too! Sorry, a day of teaching Dance to teenagers as a sub (and Dance is absolutely not my subject) has left me without the greater use of my communicative faculties .... I need a hot bath.
Mwah x